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"I am constantly in and out of my car each day. The Dangle headset allows me to be 'car safe' while talking and driving yet I can easily take out the headphones and keep them accessible while out of my car."
- Cara K.
Starbucks Coffee Company
"Cell phone companies and internet companies make promises on the phone, then fail to fulfill their promises. 
Now I can record the conversations and have proof."
- Mark B.
Initial Attraction: "Functionality and small size." Problem it solved: "Recording conversations."
Feature most liked: "Portability"
- Russ J.
Sports Headset
Recording Cable
"I am a personal trainer and I use this headset when I work out. I love that I can hang my shuffle around my neck and exercise to music with no wires in the way. Good sound too."
- Gary B.
Initial Attraction: "This is the only one I found that would do what I wanted." Problem it solved: "Note taking on long detailed conversations." How I benefited: "Acurate understanding of issues after a call."
- Len S.
"First bought the Dangle Wired Headset and later added the Bluetooth after seeing how great the wired headset was. There's alot of attention to detail in the design. The loop around the neck with earplugs coming out from the loop prevents the earplugs from being dislodged easily. The quality of the earplugs are also good enough to use for music and podcasts."
- James L.
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"My initial attraction to The Dangle headset was the ability to use a retractable audio cord, reducing the encumbrance of the wires while running and headphone wires being in my way while in the gym or outdoors. The Dangle thoroughly freed my ability to move my arms without 'tripping' over my cord and brought superb sound quality - better than any $100 product."
- Andrew K.
"I love this product! It is great for running and allows me to keep the earbuds in my ears easily. Allows flexibility of movement without getting all tangled up in cables. Best earphones out there. Also, excellent customer service. They replaced my retractable portion for me even though it was out of warranty.
- Kathy K.