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- Bluetooth Unit
- Wired Stereo Headphones
- USB Charging Cable
- Wall Charger Adapter
Connect our Bluetooth unit to your wired headset and instantly turn it into a stereo Bluetooth headset - without radiation near your head.

Use it with our Sports Headset and you can enjoy hands free stereo Bluetooth without long wires hanging down.

In addition to bluetooth cell phone calls, enjoy music in stereo on your cell phone, iPad, laptop, tablet, iPod Touch or any bluetooth enabled device.
Stereo Bluetooth with no radiation to your head
To use, follow these simple steps:

1. Charge the unit with the included wall charger.
2. Plug a 3.5mm headset into our Bluetooth unit
3. Pair to your cell phone, iPad, laptop or iPod Touch
Package Includes:
Next Song
Previous Song
Play / Pause
Multi-function Button
Headphone Jack
& Charging Port
+ Volume
Works with any
3.5mm headset.
- Volume
Package includes Bluetooth Unit, USB Charging Cable, Wall Charger and Stereo Headphones.With our Sports Headset, clip the Bluetooth unit to your shirt and listen to music in stereo or take a phone call - wirelessly.Shirt Clip
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