Cell Phone Radiation Research
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 - One Ferrite Bead

Cell phones emit radiation at different amounts. A wired headset, or hands free solution, can limit the amount of radiation that reaches the head. 

Studies have suggested that if a headset wire passes close to the antenna of a cell phone, radiation (RF) can transmit up the wire to a person's head.

A Ferrite Bead is an ideal add-on accessory for any wired headset. It is designed to suppress radiation transferred from the cell phone, through the wired headset, without effecting sound quality.

How it works:
This small, lightweight bead clamps over the wire and snaps shut. Once in place, it suppresses the RF frequencies and converts them to heat, which is absorbed by the bead and greatly reduces RF exposure to your head.
Ferrite beads can limit cell phone radiation exposure
Dr. Devra Davis
Dr. Oz and Dr. Davis
Dr. Oz and Diane Sawyer
Dr. Devra Davis - University of Pittsburg
There is growing concern about cell phone radiation, how it can effect us and what can be done to limit it. 
We recommend you do as much reseach as possible on the subject. Below are some videos that cover the concerns of cell phone radiation. 

One alternative is an AirTube headset. This type of headset minimizes the radiation to your head, though it can still be within the wire adjacent your body.
The other negative of the AirTube is the weight it places on your ears as you use it. 

Our Dangle Sports Headset solves the ear-snagging, ear-weight and tangle problems associated
with traditional wired headsets. Adding a Ferrite Bead increases radiation protection of our
headset from 99.1% to 99.9%. As you can see, it conveniently clamps over the wires just above 
the male jack.You can use this bead with our headset or any wired headset, to minimize the 
radiation coming from your cell phone.

We offer additional links and videos below for further research and information on radiation and
the usefulness of the Ferrite Bead.
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Ferrite Bead
The Ferrite bead above is connected to The Dangle Headset.
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Ferrite Bead

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